Emotional wedding weekend in Europe

Embark on a vibrant journey through a wedding weekend that radiated love, joy, and a kaleidoscope of colors against the picturesque backdrop of Belgrade. The festivities kicked off with a lively summer party, where guests gathered at sunset in the historic Kalemegdan, creating a lively prelude to the main event. The wedding celebration, held at the iconic Franš venue, was a dazzling spectacle of emotion and fun, a glorious manifestation of the couple's love story. From heartfelt vows to spirited dance floors, every moment was a vibrant brushstroke on the canvas of their special day. The festivities continued into a third day with an intimate church ceremony at the historic Ruzica church, where the couple exchanged vows in a setting steeped in tradition and charm. This extraordinary wedding weekend was a testament to the couple's unique journey, blending cultural richness with modern celebration, resulting in a tapestry of unforgettable moments captured through our lenses.

Coordination and venue styling: Teatrix Studio, Venue: Franš, Wedding Dress: Kyha Studios, Hair and make up - Studio Prostor, Nena Ilić, Shoes: Steve Madden, Sunset party venue: Boho Bar

Wedding day

Emotional, grand and colorful celebration of love

Church ceremony

Ruzica church intimate wedding

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