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Here’s a guide to help you choose outfits and learn more about how to make the most of your photo shoot. The guide should answer most of your questions, and help you get the general idea of how we work. This is just what we’ve found to work best from trial and error from past shoots, so they’re only guidelines, not rules!

This photoshoot is about you, so please keep in mind that these are just the suggestions, nothing more.  The most important thing is to feel comfortable and show us all that love!

Belgrade wedding photographer

About Light

Light plays an essential role when it comes to photography. Photographing is basically using light and shadows to create an image. Even though modern cameras are very advanced, they are still not like the human eye, so good light is very important and it sets the tone and the atmosphere for the entire photoshoot. Low light or soft, diffuse light is the best when photographing, so we always recommend a sunrise or a sunset photoshoot. The sun is low early in the morning or during the golden hour (the 1-2 hours before the sunset) and the contracts are soft which makes the photos look so much better.

Midday sun, however, is very difficult to nail on a photo. Even with experience and a good camera, the contrasts are too hard and usually create strong shadows on people's faces, like ''panda eyes'' for example. Natural light is the one we're after so when shooting indoor, it's best to find the space with windows and nice natural light and avoid yellow lightbulb or neon light.

Golden hour photoshoot

About Location

This is important, but not essential when photographing. A nice, simple and intimate location helps a lot and adds some special flavor and style to your photos.

Why simple? Crowded, over-complicated, too colorful locations can be interesting, but they are distracting at the same time. 

Why intimate? Because you'll feel more comfortable if there's not a ton of people looking at you, we wish to capture your love, and it's easier for you to show it if you're almost alone.

We love museums (when it's allowed to photoshoot there), architectural buildings, rooftops, baroque corridors or rooms, parks, and narrow streets - so there's a ton of different choices and we always scout locations a couple of days before the session just to find a couple of nice spots. 

Paris rooftop pre-wedding session

What to wear

For weddings, it's easy. Most of you will be wearing a white wedding dress and a suit. However, things can get crazy when it comes to engagement and couples sessions. Locations and outfits go hand in hand for us, because they play a huge role in how we shoot, edit and ultimately how the entire images' mood and focus are perceived by the viewer. If the location is noisy, it's better to choose really simple clothing options without patterns, so the focus is on emotion and the subject of the image.

We typically recommend neutrals and earthy tones - this does not always mean brown or gray. Forest green, burgundy, black, camel, or even white can look fab in photos. A lot of the time the colors you're wearing will reflect onto one another because the light is bouncing off of it. So, we recommend avoiding reds, oranges, and pinks for the most part.

Also, avoid big, loud, chunky, crazy patterns. The smaller or more subtle, the better! If the pattern is too loud, it will distract from your faces. Anything that can show movement or catch the wind is a yes. We love incorporating movement into our photos in any way that we can since it adds energy to images and makes them real.

Choose comfort over looks and think about the conditions and locations we are going to be shooting in and plan around it. Your outfit should represent who you are and you will look more comfortable in the photos as well. Ultimately, we want you guys to look like yourselves because the focus is on the emotions.

Belgrade wedding photographer


Brides would typically have a bouquet, and for engagement sessions, you can for example bring a flower - a single rose, white lily or white anthurium can be very elegant and provide you with something to hold in your hands - if you're nervous it helps a lot! 

Hair + Makeup

A lot of people ask us whether or not they should get their hair and makeup done by a pro. Our answer is always “whatever will make you feel best, do that.”

Bridal fashion photographer

How will the photos be delivered to us?

To shorten the waiting period we deliver our photos through online services. When your photos are finished, we will send you a link to your personal online gallery where you can preview, download and share your photos. The gallery will remain online for at least a month. Photos can be downloaded in full resolution or adjusted for the web. You can share the gallery with your friends and family and according to your preference, you can hide the photos you do not wish to show publicly.

We're not sure how to pose

You don't need to. We'll guide you and prompt you along the way. You just need to focus on each other, enjoy each other's company and show us love. Sometimes we'll act kinda silly to make you feel more relaxed. We love movement, so you can walk, hand in hand and just be with each other. Extra tip: Looking at your partner's eyes helps, so you don't need to look at our camera.

Belgrade wedding photographer
Belgrade wedding photographer
Belgrade wedding photographer
Belgrade wedding photographer
Belgrade wedding photographer
Paris wedding photographer
Wedding in Zemun
Couple in Savamala
Bridal shoes
Paris pre-wedding photoshoot

Need specific advice?

Here's what always looks good on pictures: A flowy white or black dress, subtle pattern with earthy tones clothes, a nice black or camel coat, white shirts for him, black pants, big pastel cozy sweaters, high heel shoes (only if you feel comfortable in them), neutral color scarfs etc. Love patterns? No problem, we just recommend that you combine it with one simpler piece. Extra tip: If you both wear same-color clothes, it might look strange in the photos. Our personal favorite? Black long flowy dress + white shirt, black pants. Feel free to shoot us a pic or two of what you’re thinking and let us know if you have any questions.

If you feel completely lost and need any more direction outside of the guide, here’s a link to a Pinterest board we’ve created with a little inspo if you need it!

Use of imagery

We retain the copyright to the images. However, you are allowed to use images in the unlimited form and number, but solely for non-commercial purposes. We, as the authors are entitled to publish all the photographs and/or use them for commercial purposes (portfolio building) but we will never publish any photographs inappropriate for public viewing, such as images containing nudity or semi-nudity, personal details, copyrighted material, etc. You can read our privacy policy here.